North East Society of Regional Anaesthesia

It is our commitment to form an interest group in the Northern England to meet and share ideas, encourage training in regional techniques, and update on newer developments. Our preliminary survey showed a great interest among anesthetists for such activity in this region.

NESRA Committee :

Chairman - Dr Baskar Manickam, Consultant, Darlington.

Honorary Secretary - Dr Nat Haslam, Consultant, Sunderland.

(Events) - Dr Ahmed Aziz, Consultant, Middlesbrough.

(Communication) - Dr Ashwani Gupta, Consultant, Gateshead.

(Trainee) - Dr Mike Blundell, Consultant, North Tyneside.

(Chronic Pain/Education) - Dr Kiran Koneti, Consultant, Sunderland.

Dr Duncan Hamilton , Consultant, The James Cook University Hospital

Dr Jonathan Womack , Consultant, Royal Victoria Infirmary

Dr Austin Matthews, Consultant.

Honorary Member - Dr Ian Harper
Honorary Member - Dr Martin Jones

(Website) - Dr Ryszard Palugniok, Consultant, Sunderland.