In essence INerve is an Excel file. Therefore requirements for INerve are:

Trust to have Excel 2007 or later installed on all computers wishing to access the file. It is designed to work on Windows based platforms only.

If using Excel 2007 make sure Service Pack 2 or the "Save as PDF" Add In has been installed. This is required for saving the reports in a PDF format. Click here to download the Add In from Microsoft.

File to be stored in a location , on a network drive within the Trust, allowing clinicians to access the file from within the Trust.

Macros to be enabled.

Due to limitations of Excel only one user can access the file at any one time. Therefore users are advised to close the file, once finished, to allow others access (simply press the Save and Exit button).

The date has been designed to work on Excel that has been set up in the DD/MM/YYYY format. If it has been set to the North American format it may corrupt the dates when data is stored onto the database.

It is recommended that the administrator regularly backs up the file, in case the original file is accidentally deleted, in a secure part of the Trust’s network. Please contact your local IT Department for other possible solutions that may be available.

In addition you may need to contact your local IT department and register this , as a database, in accordance with local Information governance policy.