Q. Is this designed for personal use?
A. Although it can be used for individuals, it is designed to be used as a single database for the department.

Q. Can I enter or access data from outside the Trust?
A. Not unless you have been granted outside access to the Trust’s network drives .

Q. Can I enter data via a mobile device?
A. iNerve can only be used on devices running Windows operating system with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later with enabled macros.

Q. Can data be entered on a single database from different sites within the Trust?
A. Yes, if the different sites have access to the Trust’s network drive where it is recommended the file should reside.

Q. Will this work on desktop and laptop computers?
A. iNerve is optimised for desktop screens. If laptops are to be used some of the entry forms may not be visualised fully. Should that be the case we may be able to rearrange the layout of the entry forms to allow usage on laptops. Please contact us to discuss this.